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This instantly reminded me of Dr X.” - submitted by animationangelus

Thanks for the video! It’s pretty accurate, I’m not gonna lie.


Artwork by HewisonScript #978


Artwork by Hewison
Script #978

Out of Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk, who is your most favorite?


Why is it always the dumb ones?  …well not always but it sure was when I was younger.

Well she was the most endearing of the Bunch. As was Ed (Though Edd did come close second). Both of them were also a barrel of laughs.

Wait a second, I just realized, Trixie was singing in the FIRST person.

I am writing this as a stock counter to anyone who says I take things too seriously.

I don’t hate Power Rangers Turbo, Teen Titans Go, or Sonic 06’s story, I like Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and Sonic Unleashed’s story, Batman the Brave and the Bold is one of my favorite incarnations of the DC Universe and I prefer Ben 10’s original series and Omniverse over the “Ultimate Alien Force” era.

Also, I watch shows with things like people in spandex suits fighting crazy looking monsters, technicolor cartoon horses, and a bunch of ball people with weird ghost people and weird monsters like a poodle  cerberus, and I play video games with things like superdeformed anthropomorphic animals, pink puffballs, a pair of plumbers who eat psychedelic mushrooms to grow bigger..

Knowing all this, how could anyone ever legitimately claim I take things too seriously?

You know, I don’t really understand the hate on Duck Hunt’s dog or why people don’t even acknowledge the duck and hunter…

Duck Hunt is an important part of gaming history! Yes, I’m sure most Nintendo fanbois probably wouldn’t like the fact that Duck Hunt (alongside Wild Gunman, Hogan’s Alley, Gumshoe, and especially Sheriff) was one of the pioneers of the shooter meta-genera, making way for games like “Call of Medalfield”, but the dog is one of the most iconic classic gaming characters, just for the way he laughed at you (also, there’s stuff like Metroid Prime).

Is that way people don’t like him, his laugh? I figured it was related to Mewtwo not being in while Dark Pit and Dr. Mario are…

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[[I’m gonna send out “invites” and hopefully get some blog interaction.~]]



[[I’m gonna send out “invites” and hopefully get some blog interaction.~]]


I don’t think the Mayor took too kindly to us just popping into her office! You can see more of our political pony over at From the Desk of Mayor Mare!

Artwork by AniRichie
Panel 1 background by BitterPlagueRat
Mayor Mare cutie mark by The Smiling Pony
Script #1153

Schwartz prefers the ær.

Schwartz prefers the ær.

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